Patent Office Registration 27,314


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Stephen D. Carver
Graduated University of Minnesota, Electrical Engineering 1970
Graduated University of Missouri, Kansas City, Law 1974
First Class Radiotelephone Commercial Radio License 1968
Extra Class Ham Radio License (K5PT) 1968

Listed “Best Lawyers in America” for 25 years
Listed “Best Lawyers in Arkansas”
Martindale Hubbell Law Directory: “Rated Premier AV and Ethics”
Orville Greene award for services to SETI League Inc. 
Inventor of US Patent No. 4,024,666

This patent law operation began in Arkansas in 1976, starting as a solo practice and finally reaching medium proportions with numerous employees. Lately have begun to “wind down” and semi-retire, reducing size and minimizing expenses.  However, patent and trademark services are offered on a limited basis, at a reasonable price and with outstanding speed. Have been involved with over 1000 patents. 

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